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w e  a r e  l a u q ē

Two architects, two friends, the same passion - to create a Portuguese clothing brand, unique and exclusive but above all conscious, that tries to explore sustainability, from the beginning of a project to the final product.

Each collection is designed in detail to ensure the best quality and versatility of our products. We produce in small quantities, durable and timeless pieces that can be used by the entire generation of a family. We always seek to find certified fabrics and raw materials that guarantee quality and durability.

Details, consistency and environmental concern are the basic premises of our brand.

We try our best to avoid textile waste, either through the meticulous cutting of fabrics, as well as the use of small leftovers, which we use for small details of future collections. Our patterns are exclusive and limited, designed by us in our atelier, from the creation of the pattern to the harmonious choice of colors, and made in a small space in Lisbon.


We really want to be present in your day-to-day, whether in relaxed moments of nature walks, or on special occasions.

# l a u q ē

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